by Rob Lock

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released December 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Rob Lock Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: Lamentation
Sink down into the dark
Look deep into your heart
Throw open wide the doors
Call to your soul

Is it lonely and frightened?
Confused tormented?
Do your walls keep twisting?
Are you all alone deep down?
Track Name: Monster
Deep within the house of your mind
Face of horror, staring
Familiar yet twisted and wrong
Pain embodied, monster

My horror

Monarch of the psyche's unclean
A toxic fever
Pestilence within me
My plague, my predator


Deep within your mind sits a child
Deformed and demented
And like a coward you flee
And leave it stranded

And when the child returns
Having chased you down
It comes to you as a beast
As a mirror profound

Deep within the core of your soul
A sickness festers
And then erupts as a demon
To break your barriers

You can choose to keep running from
Your own psyche's warning
You can be a coward and run
And the face will haunt you, staring

That's your face, your true face

That's your face, your real face
Haunting you between the daylight
Track Name: Puzzle
Pieces floating
Taunting me

The more I want to solve it
The deeper I sink

There must be sense to this madness
There must be a rhyme
There must be an answer waiting
There must be a reason


As I chase the rabbit of solution
I tighten the vice

There must be sense to this madness
There must be solution
Certainty, puzzle completion
There must be a reason

How can you prove that hell is not real?
How can you they're not coming to drag you down?

You will never know
Track Name: Slave
Master's chained your soul
Wrapped tightly in your pain
You choke and beg and crawl
And try to get away

Thrown down
You cannot control or predict any of it
Struck down
Into submission

Fighting to free yourself
Fighting your soul

You cannot escape
Run then turn around: he's there
And hide, but her stare
Reaches into everything

Cry out for
Freedom from this endless reign of pain and terror
Beg, plead, crawl
In submission

You are your own master and your own slave

It is your desire to be free from the world
That makes you a slave of yourself

Set yourself free

Heed my words:
That which you accept you will transcend

I'm bound to you

My own fate
My slave
Track Name: Nerve Endings

Dream of horrid torture
Whipped, choked or constricted
Dream of deviant sex games
Feel so weak
Out of control

Explore your world
Listen to your nightmares

You have been so scared
To explore sensation
But your nightmare won't let you rest
Break out from your chains

Explore your world
Choose your poison
Wake your body up

Be here now
Track Name: Sickness
Day will end
And come again

There is a sickness inside you
And it is brooding, awaiting it's time
No one escapes the madness, the darkness
It will enshroud your mind

There is a sickness in everyone
Warping your thoughts, predicting disaster
Interrupted by moments of calm
Then returned to the slaughter

Your memory
Changes your life
Into a farce
Of failure

Turns tomorrow
Into a hell
Sickness will rise again

Wait it out
Night too will end

There is a sickness inside you
It is growing, biding its time
No one escapes the madness
It will engulf

There is a sickness inside you
All peace is temporary
There is a sickness within
It will bloom

Sickness, it festers
Sickness, it waits for you
Inescapable, the darkness
Horror will rise
And claim your soul
Track Name: Nightmare
Spiralling through the same thoughts again
You wonder when you will next find rest
Your life's a nightmare of recursive hatred
You die to wake from it
Dragged from one place to the next
You dream of finding some form of acceptance
But there are only more tunnels and dead ends
Where is the light the transcendence?

Your life's a nightmare you can't wake up from

Wake up

Enter the nightmare
Go deeper into its core
Turn, face the nightmare
Be hunted no more

Wake up

Turn, face the middle
Enter the core
Look straight at your fear
Be the hunted no more

Stare at the horror
Embrace the core
Accept the challenge
Be a coward no more

To wake up is to stop wanting to wake up
There is no real and unreal
To wake up is to stop wanting to wake up
Turn and face your nightmare
Your self

Wake up
Track Name: Anima
Anima beneath the veil
Enemy, in me she dwells
Locked away within my hell
Face below the water

Growing up with me side by side
A shape among the shadows
The monster beneath the bed
The evil lurking in hollows

She is the jester within my mind
She is the lust, the sadist inside
The black widow spider
The god of below
The face in the water
The fangs begin to show

Anima I love you so
Enemy I hate you so

Divide up the camps for war
Arm yourself tonight
Know what you are not and know what you are not you need to fight
Take up arms tonight

She is the prisoner within my mind
She is my other, bound and predefined
Deviate, liberate, cross the battlefield, embrace

Rage against your chains

Anima beneath the veil
Anima below the water
Anima within my hell
I call to thee

Enemy of mine no more
Unity within my core
Anima beneath the veil
Come, come, join me

Anima in me
Anima be free
Be free
Track Name: Labyrinth
Lost now within a maze
And prey to a stalker
Swear you can smell it somewhere

Lost in the labyrinth
No clue how you got here
Swear you can hear its breath

In the labyrinth of self

You'll never find your way out of here
The walls keep twisting, turning
Endless doorways, endless fear

Trapped within a tomb of programmed reactions
I'm nothing but a program
And I'm programmed to hunt myself

Pray for release
Pray for a way out
Your prey to the beast
There's no escape

The beast is you

You'll never find your way out of here

Do you know the way out?
Track Name: Flame
Flame from the void
Look for the flame inside
Look for the flame in your heart

Strength that hides
Look for the strength inside
Look for the strength in your soul

Keep the fire alive
Born in the depths of time
Your duty

Care for the flame inside
Tend to the flame in them

Add to the fire keep it burning
Unto the very last breath

When all is nothingness
When all is total darkness
When all is oblivion
Witness the flame reborn

Keep the fire alive
Born in the depths of time
Your duty


Through the ages life has thrived
From jungle to civilisation
We are gods, the proud torch bearers
The essence, the seed of creation

From the era pass the flame
Onwards, onto the children
Teach them that pain must be faced
Author reincarnation

Through the ages life has thrived
Emerging from star destruction
We are the meaning, the spark
The miracle of creation
Track Name: Odyssey
One rule there is
Any one of the ghosts you let approach the blood
Will speak the truth to you

Anyone you refuse
Will turn and fade away

And with those words
The awesome shade
Strode back to the House of Death

The horrible whirlpool gulping the sea surge down
And when she spewed it up
Her churning depths would seethe and heath
Showering down, soaking both peaks at once

She swallowed the sea surge her gaping maw
The whole abyss lay bare
And the rocks around her roared
Ashen terror gripped the men


Hoisting high that glowing stake with its stabbing point
Straight into the monster's eye they rammed it hard
They seized the stake with its fiery tip and bored it round and round in the giant's eye
Twisting faster, never stopping
'Till blood came boiling up around that smoking shaft
And the broiling eyeball burst
And its crackling roots blazed and hissed
So the eye of the Cyclops sizzled round that stake


Arrogance called human reason
They all believe in their dominion
That the monsters could be defeated
That their reason could conquer everything in the world

Reason will never win the fight
It creates the creatures it wars with
Reason will never win the battle
It creates the demon's it wars with
And gives birth to

Behind sense the nightmare awaits
Arrogance called human reason
Due to sense the nightmare exists
Sense itself creates the demon

Nobody's tricked me
Nobody's killing me

Track Name: Lamentation Redux
Open your eyes and see
Rise from the darkness
Call to the world

I'm frightened and lonely
I feel this with clarity
But somewhere within the deep
Strength burns in me

Lament for the sadness
Lament for the struggle
But when we face the pain
We learn to go on

Share what you've seen
Feed their flame
Help them to face their pain
And you won't be alone.