by Rob Lock

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Dark Progressive Metal


released June 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Rob Lock Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: Castle
This fragile thing, consciousness
Drifts through time
Seeking permanence,
Seeking confirmation,
Seeking affirmation,
And an end
To its ever changing face.

This fragile thing suffers,
Violated by the new,
Violated by others,
Violated by itself,
With no end,
And no eternal grace.

From this agony
A creature emerges,
Desiring Beauty,
God and Nothingness.

From this torture
A creature ascends,
Desiring Mastery,
Worship and Bliss;

Sexual domination,
Glory and fame.
The toy of its demons,
A pawn in its own game.

Welcome to the Castle
Of the I.
Track Name: I
I want to remain, to be unique, to defeat my (fuck all of my) enemies.
I want to inscribe my face in time: this visage, an eternity.

Build a shrine to me, shower me with glory, proclaim your Emperor is here.
I will live to see the epics of tomorrow, unaltered, immortal, your Master.

Fall, again, tonight, traitor: I will rise again, and occupy.

I want this shell gone, want this host dead, want to defeat you – know you are my enemy.
I must stand alone: must rules, transcend. In misery, for eternity.

Look at the things to fear; lock yourself in limbo. I'm the best you'll ever have.
I will live using your body as a vessel. A transient, no more: ever your Master.

Fall again, tonight, traitor: I will rise again, and occupy.

Track Name: Luka

Shut up bitch!
Worthless ugly whore!
Fat, old, crazy wretch!
Useless and pitiful wreck.

Shut up!
Flesh heap nightmare!
Clumsy and a disgrace…

Here in my castle
Hating myself
My name is

Bitch, whore, fat, old

Just shut the fuck up
You fucking whore!
Bitch, annoying eye sore!
Cut your own throat!
Useless and unlikeable!

Fear my name: Annihilation.
I am the walls of your self built prison.
You dine here on your weeping soul,
Crying and shivering, cold…

Here in my castle
Hating myself
My name is

Lost, cold, victim

Why can't I leave...

Fear my name: Annihilation.
I am the walls, I am the dungeon!
I am your prison, you are my Queen!
Fear my name: Annihilation!

You, entombed,
You are eaten
Alive in the dungeon of your cowardice
In the Castle of the I!
Track Name: Emperor
I am your King!

I see your petty dreams
Strewn out in front of me.
Fragile, fearful minion!
Beg for security!

I hear your silly dreams;
Pathetic lazy weakling dreams.
You can't take care of yourself,
So just listen clear.

Bow to your Emperor, fear me,
Get on your knees for your Emperor, love me.
Get wet for your Emperor, open,
Come, come to me, come to me.
To your Emperor.

See me, hear me, witness my innate authority.
Hand me your mind's keys, embrace this submissive serenity.

For I am your King!

You're a failure,
So bow to your Emperor!
You're nothing!
Cry for your Emperor!
I know best, so
Submit to your Emperor!
I am inside;
Swell with your Emperor.

Crush you, bend you, make you beg for insanity.
I am your mind's tomb: hypnotic submissive agony

I am your King
Rejoice my arrival.
I am your God
In the flesh!

Rejoice my arrival!
Track Name: Peace
In-between worlds
After falling
Through chains, blood, and bones,
Memories of horror; lost and hated;
Stained concrete, blades, the chattering of…
Many, in the shadows. They
Desire your pain and fear
(Desire your pain and fear).
Chains reaching, touching, squeezing, dragging:
Pain and fear
Pain and fear.


In-between worlds
Through brittle blanket blackness
Discovery of depth; secrets and doors;
Unreal mirror, flashes, the scurrying of…
Many, in the shadows. They
Fear my desire
(Fear my desire).
Hand reaching, touching, squeezing, embracing:
No more pain
No more fear.


Sun! I command.

In-between worlds
Now ruling
Through fields, flowers, and spirits,
Seeing wonders; mountains of pearl snow and forests of fleshy green;
lakes of depthless blue and sky of infinite glory;
A shrine to Beauty beneath the midday sun! (Sun, I command!)
Perfect carvings, arches, testament to…
In the light.

This is not a dream.

On the left: black, chains, blades and horror,
Lost and hated
From the world below:
Desiring your pain and fear.

On the right: lustrous crimson marble,
Vain and heroic
From the world above! (Sun! I command!)
Fear his desire!

In-between worlds:
Sentinels, guarding Beauty;
Demons, in balance;

Where I,


Am sovereign.
With my demons,
My sentinels,
My children,
My angels,
My gods,
My self.


In-between worlds.
Track Name: Demons
Come and meet your Demons

"I am vanity,
Hero of mythology,
Shining eternally,
Enemies fall to me!
I am dominance,
Carving out my permanence,
I am glory!
Sing to me!"

('I am the prankster god,
I touch and tease,
I get inside you and spread like disease.
I am the faces behind your eyes!
I am the whisper inside your mind!
I am the one who rapes from within
Thrusting and strangling again and again,
I am the chaos, I am the clown!
I am the dark one, watching you drown!')

See the child caught in-between.
See your ghost: it bleeds.

('I am the torturer,
I am decay,
I seep between, I toy and I play,
I am the laughter, I am the stare:
I am the Sadistic God!')

See the child caught in-between.
See the demons, feed,
On their own creation.

"I am glory!
I am golden!
My name and my deeds are told in
Scripture writ by Heaven's pen!
My light will remain undimmed!"

See that tortured victim between.
The one who bade them come,
their father, their child, their seed.

Come and meet your Demons here,
Meet your children, pain and fear.
Track Name: War
With all of my reason and all of my strength
With all of my will I struggle against
This force in my head that leads me to hate
But always I face defeat

(Fight me: takeover) I am the Hero!
(Strike me: takeover) I am the righteous one!
Why can't I win?

I feel close to breaking, my time is done!
I feel close to being overrun!
This force in my head, it shows me fear!
The end is coming near.

(Fear me: take cover) I feel defenceless!
(Feel me all over) Always war!
The end is coming near.


I sit atop your war machine
In shadows cast by your own dreams
Of escape into your heaven
From there, I pull your strings


I'm hopeless, I'm wrought, I cannot see the light.
But I must keep standing, I must fight!
I… I…


Yes yes yes yes!
Track Name: My Love
You should be in awe of me, bitch

My strength should overwhelm you
And your flesh quake
Your mind be overwritten
For eternity

Transcendent Beauty
We can take our time
I'll shape you, beautiful
And make you mine

Aren't I just the most impressive thing you've ever fucking seen?
Your true path lies in submission; beg before me, fucking scream.

I dream of breaking you down to
Dust, my love, and reconstructing you
To be in awe of me
You bitch

Walk into the dungeon
And Suffer my will
Your body chained before me
In ecstasy

I dream of love so pure and equal
But you know
I come first

Aren't I just the most pathetic thing you've ever fucking seen?
Complete distrust of adoration; you'll hate me when I'm on my knees.

I still dream of someone surviving
Me, my love, and reconstructing me
To be in awe of life
But no

Aren't I just the most destructive, evil thing you've ever seen?
Everything I love crumbles to ashes; do you want to see?

Do you want to see?

My love
Come into my palace
Where you will writhe
In terror of my demons
In agony